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Our Mission

Beautifully unique fitted kitchens and luxury bespoke cabinetry designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle and the architecture of your home.


We create bespoke kitchens, dressing rooms, media rooms and home-offices using the best materials and the highest standards of craftsmanship.


From kitchen larder cupboards to walk-in wardrobes to media consoles, Union Bespoke designs and manufactures timeless, stylish pieces tailored to your personal needs.

Who's Behind The Brand

Steven Ross and Geoffrey Hagger launched Union Bespoke in 2021.


Geoffrey began his career as an apprentice in the furniture business. He worked his way up from sweeping and sanding to senior designer and furniture-maker and then launched GeoffreyG Design.


His Sussex workshop combines the capabilities of machine technology with the instincts of craftsmanship and he built up a strong client base of architects, commercial and residential customers. Now, he has teamed up with Steven to take his design skills to a wider audience.

Steven began his career in clothing manufacturing, supplying some of the biggest names on the High Street. Alongside this, he ran celebrity hairdressing salon Tommy Guns in Soho and hip men’s barber Johnny’s Chop Shop, whose haircare products were sold in over 20 countries.


He also ran a successful property development company and it was here he met Geoffrey. After designing the kitchen and furniture for Steven’s own home, the pair realised that there was a gap in the market for beautifully-crafted luxury bespoke cabinetry offering the style and functionality that 21st century living demands. They decided to join forces to combine Geoffrey’s fine furniture making skills with Steven’s eye for design and detail and Union Bespoke was born.

How We Work

Union Bespoke has a ‘living showroom’ in Teddington where clients are invited to come and see how our luxury bespoke cabinetry looks and functions in a home environment. We can either sit down with you here, or at your own home to discuss your project’s requirements, and we also work closely with architects and interior designers.


Our free design service enables you to visualise all of our proposed designs, enabling you to gain a full understanding into what will work best for you. We provide a full interior service from designing and supplying all your cabinetry needs to installation.


Each piece of Union Bespoke cabinetry is designed and built in our factory in the Sussex countryside by our team of experienced carpenters and can be designed to fit any space. This means we can take your bespoke kitchen units or wardrobes right up to your ceiling line and build them out to the full width of your walls to maximise storage space and we can adjust measurements to create symmetry.

Carpenter at Work
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